Rookie Paige

Rookie Republic is continuously spotting Rookies that change the world. Paige is such an energetic person and a driven videographer. She has the ability to make you feel at home around her and this shows in her work! She is a rock star and we are sure she’ll make it to the top. This is why we honor her as Rookie of the Month February 2015!

Paige Wilhilde ROTM

Who are you + what kind of a company do you have?
I am the founder of Paige Media, a video storytelling and marketing company that helps businesses use video in unique and creative ways.

What was your motivation to start up your own business?
I was tired of working for someone else. I wanted flexibility to not only have my own schedule, but I also sought out creative flexibility. It seemed in all my previous positions, my creative ideas were never heard or if they were, it took a lifetime to get them implemented. I come from a line of entrepreneurs, so I believe it was always in my blood to start a company.

What were your first steps?
The best thing I ever did was hire a business coach. She gave me so much clarity and pointed me in the right direction. When you’re an entrepreneur, sometimes you can feel like you’re going at it alone. Having a coach was like having a mentor and a business partner without the same financial obligation. Once I was clear on my business, I started beta testing. I would reach out to people I admired and do a video for them for very cheap. That way I could see what worked and what didn’t.

Why should people work with you?
I am so in love with what I do. I love everything about telling people’s stories and helping them grow their business through the medium of video. My energy, my passion, my “Paige-ness” sets me apart.

What do your clients love about you?
They love my energy. I truly believe the energy you bring to a project is reflected in the final product. So if I’m not excited and passionate about a project, I won’t work on it. Because I know it won’t be my best work. That being said, all of the projects I work on have elements of my passion, of my vision, of my creative energy. And clients work with me because they want that.

What’s your ambition for the next 5 years?
In the next five years, I want to have my own video studio that can transform from a living room set to a green screen and everything in between. That’s where I’ll do shoots with clients, and that’s also where I’ll host my weekly internet show for entrepreneurs. I hope to be bi-costal, and I want to be speaking at large events about the power of video marketing.

What’s the best advice you can give a Rookie?
Surround yourself with people who are better than you. And when you come to a crossroads, always embrace collaboration over competition.