Rookie Meah


Rookie Republic is continuously spotting Rookies that change the world. Meah Denee is an inspiration to us because she changes the world by using video to showcase the up and coming of the film and television industry. She is positive and energetic and that’s why we would like to honor her as Rookie of the Month February 2015!

Meah Denee ROTM

Who are you + what kind of a company do you have?
I am Meah Denee! A film director and creator of Reel Reality which is a film blog and production company that showcases and supports the work of industry professionals, educates readers about the television and film industry, and produces video projects that show how real life circumstances affect television and film.

What was your motivation to start up your own business?
My motivation mostly came from my desire to want to help other young people get into the entertainment industry. Personally, I had a hard time finding people that wanted to help me or even just network with me. So I finally got the courage to create my own opportunities by creating my own production company and started a web show so that I can showcase the work of my peers!

What were your first steps?
That is an interesting question because I believe I took my first step without really knowing it. I started a film blog a year before I started my business. The blog was just something I did for myself and I did not keep it updated but I believe a seed was definitely planted for Reel Reality.

Why should people hire you?
People should hire me because I love what I do!! I love being creative and bringing things to life, and if there is something I do not know how to do I try my hardest to find out how to do it. Also, I have always been told I have a great aura, that I bring peace to people when I am around them and you definitely need that when working on a production!

What’s your ambition for the next 5 years?
Good question! For the next five years I am focused on building my brand and making an impact in other industry professionals lives! Continuing to educate myself and others, along with perfecting my craft. I think it is great to have an outline for your future but it is a must for me to have faith in the plan that God has for me and that can be totally unpredictable and more amazing than anything I had planned for myself.

What’s the best advice you can give a Rookie?
The best advice I can give someone is to just have faith in your dreams and have patience!! Those are the two things that will get you to where you want in your career! Yes you need skills and talent and networking, etc, etc. But if you do not have any faith in your own dreams you will go nowhere in life! No matter what others say, “that your dreams are impossible or silly,” it does not matter! Believe in yourself and that your dreams are possible because they are! If all these other successful people made their dreams come true than so can YOU!! They are no different than you, they believed and had faith in their dreams and they continued to make slow progressions to making that dream come to fruition and eventually it did!! So have FAITH IN YOUR DREAMS and continue to push towards them regardless of how long it may take!

Who would you like to nominate as an awesome Rookie?
I would like to nominate one of my biggest supporters and mentors, my friend Sarah Olbrantz who is the creator of the jewelry line Brokenness!