Rookie Mahasin

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Rookie Republic is proud to stage the best Rookies for Life, driven entrepreneurs. Meet Mahasin, who participated in the Rookie Challenge twice. And made it to the finals twice. We are her biggest fans!

Who are you + what kind of a company do you have?
I’m Mahasin Tanyaui, Founder and CEO of DREAMERS INC. We produce events. Our own empowerment productions like Dreamparty, but we also produce events for other organizations. If it’s scares us, we’ll do it. We like a challenge.

Why did you decide to participate at the Rookie Challenge?
It was a challenge for young entrepreneurs ( in 2010) and challenges are fun and give me energy. I love to win, to learn and to meet new people. Meeting lot’s of entrepreneurs and experts during the Roookie Challenge was a fantastic way to enlarge my network and improve my business skills! The experience really inspired me.

What was your motivation to start up your own business?
The freedom to decide how to spend my time.

What were your first steps?
Coming up with an idea and to start talking about it to people.

Why was Rookie Republic important to you?
Believing that everything you want to achieve is possible. Rookie Republic awakens people with ideas, the entrepreneur inside them. It happened to me and that’s why I think Rookie Republic rocks.

How has Rookie Republic helped you?
Sharing their network and always supporting our organization from the day we started.

Why do your clients love you?
Because of our contagious energy and integrity. We do what we say we are going to do.

What’s your ambition for the next 5 years?
Building great memories and earning lot’s of money while doing that.

What’s the best advice you can give a Rookie?
Just do it! (Yes, we love Nike)