Rookie Republic is honored to be staging serial-entrepreneur Mesut Celebi as Rookie For Life. We admire the elegance and honesty he puts in doing business. His vision on the entrepreneurial lifestyle is revolutionary to us.

Who are you + what kind of companies do you have?
Mesut Celebi, and I’m a serial entrepreneur and mentor to startups. I’m founder of GOS, the online marketplace for packaging machinery. Through the years we have invested in other innovative products and companies as well. Working with entrepreneurs is a real joy to me. I liked it so much that I became passionate about the entrepreneurial lifestyle and gladly blog about this on the collaborative platform

What was your motivation to start up your own business?
While working for a global equipment manufacturer I travelled all around
the world interacting with packaging producers. Customers expressed their
need for brand-independent services which my employer didn’t or couldn’t provide. We decided to step-up and do it ourselves.

What were your first steps?
We started in The Netherlands, in a small town called Barneveld, as an home-office. We borrowed PC and phone and started calling customers, meanwhile pitching our idea to investors. They believed us and we got our seed capital. It worked out well and we got our first big project within 90 days from founding.

What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur?
Being free and do it your own way. Not taking success for granted and continuously search to serve your market with a better product. Staying curious and listen to your customers, colleagues and suppliers etc. Steve Jobs summarized it very well saying: ‘stay hungry, stay foolish!’.

What’s your ambition for the next 5 years?
My passion is to help startups grow into successful businesses. Together with other like-minded entrepreneurs we created Fabstart.NYC to share our experiences and ideas. I like to grow Fabstart.NYC into #1 inspirational platform for the entrepreneurial lifestyle, both online as well as offline.

Which quote best describes you?
“Adopt, Adapt, Improve”, it was said by Round Table founder Louis Marchesi and is my life motto.

Why do you think Rookie Republic is important?
Starting your own business can be a lonely process. Rookie Republic helps you to connect to others with similar ideas.

What’s the best advice you can give a Rookie?
Next to connecting the young starters, get seasoned entrepreneurs involved as well. They can inspire and provide advice.