The Time Is Now Concept
The concept of time is odd

It’s crazy how fast time flies.
Also for school, I completed school in 5 years. For some people, the thought of 5 years may set off different feelings, depending on where your at in life. It seems to have flown by, in retrospect.

The concept of time is odd. It’s basically a numerical measurement of the earths rotation. It all seems to make sense when your thinking linearly with the seasons and all. But when you take away the numerical notion and not think of time as time but as moments, feeling, memories, laughs, successes, lessons, growth; your clock will feel a lot richer. You don’t think of numbers on your death bed.

I think back to last month, my blog. I was so frustrated. Still am a bit. But ‘time’ has helped. I used ‘time’ to reflect and I used ‘time’ to get things done. Truthfully I wasn’t even thinking of time.

But in the past month, I really did a lot. I started a paralegal job, picked up a waitressing gig (I just can’t seem to give up the short shifts and quick cash), and I’ve worked a lot on my business. I guess I needed the ‘time’ to be sluggish and to relax and to put everything into perspective. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that ‘time’ doesn’t wait, it just keeps ticking.

I am honored and excited to be sharing my opinions, stories and experiences with all of you. I suggest feedback, commentary and dialogue, as that’s the basis of entrepreneurship or as I put it, “the power of people.” Please feel free to reach me at xo