My Peaceful Protest – The Power of People


In loving memory of Brian Moore

Saturday May 2nd, 2015 at approximately 6:15pm, the devastating sound of a shot ricocheted around the country. It was one of our own on the front line, Detective First Grade Brian Moore, who took the impact for us, as it was he who put our lives before his own. But what is to come of his sacrifice?

Before I continue, I want to pay my respects to Brian. Brian, thank you. Thank you for being your fun loving self. Thank you for the many cheers, the many laughs. Thank you for being my friend.

I don’t want people to stop talking about Brian. He deserves our attention. Everyone’s life matters in this world and deserves our attention, more importantly our respect.

Firstly, I must applaud communities that protest. But let me say this, rioting is in no way a protest. I just feel that at this day and age, the digital days, that this generation lacks commemoration, collaboration, and social movements. There are endless Facebook campaigns and protests but more often than not, they stay on the Ethernet, thus leading to a dead end, a lost cause. This generation needs to come together. As I always say, “the power of people.” Don’t get me wrong, online campaigns are great. And being the digital days, it’s a good way to reach an audience, particularly this generation. But there’s nothing more powerful than the power and the energy that is emitted at a social gathering. But here’s the problem with most of these protest. There is no common ground.

The power of people will not work because we simply aren’t empowering ourselves. This antagonistic, negative, racial rhetoric is providing us a disservice. We must realize how far race relations have come in this country. I am in no way discrediting the progression that still needs to come. But instead we must praise the progress accomplished and work toward the future. These riots, the naysaying, the arguments are regression. It’s dividing this country once again.

The questions should not be are you black or white? Are you a Democrat or Republican? Are you for it or opposed to it? There needs to be common ground. I highly value freedom of speech and opinion and I think more people should come forward and join this conversation. We need to learn to deal with each other and come together.

This disgraceful tragedy has hit my backyard. When tragedies like this occur, the country is taken by storm. But eventually the heat of the moment simmers. But I am asking you all to stay involved. Do not wait until this type of instance occurs in your backyard. I cannot stand around and wait for people to join me. I’m stepping forward. And so I’ve decided that I’m going to start the conversation. I’m starting it with love. With peace. With compassion for life. I’m changing the rhetoric. This is my peaceful protest in loving memory of my friend Brian.


I am honored and excited to be sharing my opinions, stories and experiences with all of you. I suggest feedback, commentary and dialogue, as that’s the basis of entrepreneurship or as I put it, “the power of people.” Please feel free to reach me at xo

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