Millennials: The Business World is your Oyster. Be Selfish and Discover the Vast Opportunities it has to Offer.
kick ass characteristic

 Younger generations are always getting criticism from their predecessors. This absolutely seems to be the case for Millennials, otherwise known by many as the ‘Me’ generation. A whopping 71% of adults think that 18-29 year olds are selfish.

This year, Millennials will outnumber the Baby Boomers as the nations largest living generation. Currently accounting for a quarter of the workforce, we are already having a major impact on the world of business whether those that came before us like it or not.

While some may view ‘selfish’ and ‘entitled’ as negative traits, when it comes to the workforce (among other things) I think it can be a kick ass characteristic. We are looking out for our self-interests and, as we begin to take over the majority of the workforce, are proving that we are quite hard working. We just have different mindsets and expectations than our predecessors.

I mean, what better time to be ‘selfish’ than now? Millennials are currently in their prime – the sweet spot just where you have full independence but (the majority) don’t have children to support or mortgages to pay off. The world is our oyster, and we want to explore it and live it and feel all of the wonderful things it has to offer us. This goes for the business world as well – and Millennials are jumping at the vast opportunities they are discovering.

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, summed it up perfectly in his powerful commencement speech a few weeks ago at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Spiegel defended his highly criticized decision not to sell Snapchat to Facebook (for a reported 3 billion), saying:

“When we decided not to sell our business people called us a lot of things besides crazy – things like arrogant and entitled. The same words that I’ve heard used to describe our generation time and time again. The Millennial Generation. The ‘Me’ Generation. Well, it’s true. We do have a sense of entitlement, a sense of ownership, because, after all, this is the world we were born into, and we are responsible for it.” 

So maybe your decision isn’t over selling your multi-billion dollar company.  But maybe it’s quitting your secure job and starting your own company, or deciding to take a summer off to get inspired away from the desk. Well, my advice, now more than ever, do it. You aren’t getting and younger and the world (and business world) is your oyster. The more you take risks and explore the more opportunities you will discover.

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