Remember why you started


 I want to do it my way

 Today is Thursday. The day everyone on Social Media uses the #tbt (Throw Back Thursday). Everyone posts cute pics of themselves as a kid or at a happy moments in their lives. The hashtag always reminds me of why I started. Why I started Rookie Republic.

I started because I want to change the world of entrepreneurship.

My parents worked full time and learned me and my sisters the importance of a good education and being independent. Of course I appreciated their care, but I knew a corporate life was not meant for me (especially not if I had to go to school for it). Being independent however, sounded like music to my ears. ‘I want to do it my way’ was and is my life motto. What’s the fun in achieving something if you have not experienced the process?

Some call it stupid, some call it courageous. But a couple of years ago I left everything behind and moved to NYC with 2 suitcases. Even as a kid I knew I wanted to be in the city that never sleeps. Being different did not make me popular as a kid and I was bullied a lot in school. This only made me more sure of what I’m capable of. Yes, I tried to fit in for a while, but of course that didn’t work out. So I felt a relieve when I booked that ticket to The Big Apple. And after going back and forth for a while I decided to stay. Cause everyone is a bit different and weird in NYC (also referred to as ambitious).

How little did I know about the struggle. The hustle. The truth of the concrete jungle. If I would have known all of the experiences beforehand I would have never have gone. How happy am I that I stayed. And to have experienced it, all of it. It made me respect others more, discovered a strength within myself I never knew I had and even more see the possibilities of my business. I am changing myself, and therefor I’m changing the world of entrepreneurship.

I started for that little girl in school feeling different. That little girl who knew the universe was hers. For that girl that wasn’t afraid of making this happen. That girl that refused to be a victim of bullying. That girl who stood up for others when she could. That walked away from opportunities, because she knew something better was waiting. The girl that had a dream.

I started for the woman I am today who accepts the hustle and never gives up. I’m doing it. For myself. And all the other men and woman who have the courage to be different. I believe in you.


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