Swiss Army Knife of Entrepreneurship
Swiss army knife concept

“Our imperfections are the perfections of life.” -AK

Before the ranting begins, I’m going to give a quick recap about what I do for those who don’t know what I stand for. I have been a self-taught entrepreneur all of my life and a baseball player for even longer. In 2013, I created my first product, a baseball fielding glove built off the foundation of trial and error. I learned from my mistakes and made sure the same costly mistake didn’t happen again. Creating a baseball glove isn’t your typical craft, and I respect anyone who tries to learn the skills behind this type of product. For people that are unfamiliar with leatherwork, just know that every leather hide is unique just how every human is never identical.

Here are some key factors that need to be perfected in an entrepreneurs’ repertoire;

Consistency & Patience 
Being successful in the business world includes many factors that pile high on the owner’s shoulders. In my opinion, longevity of consistency is the most important variable a business owner should focus on. You might be saying to yourself well what about profit margins, cash flows, working capital, or inventory? You’re right about one thing if any of those factors came to mind, what about them? Before you start spending precious time and your hard earned cash, you need to thoroughly ask yourself, “am I ready to create ‘x’ amount of units for this specific product, will this model still be ” Understand which goals should be pursued as a business owner and as a consumer perspective before you pull the trigger in any situation.

This factor may be a little more difficult for certain people to understand the true potential of being confident, because of the fact they don’t want to be portrayed as pretentious by others. Confidence shows people that you stand by your word, too much confidence comes off as being arrogant or cocky. It’s very crucial to have a fine line of being confident but humble at the same time. Just remember, if someone asks who made you boss, tell them you did ;)

Having the proper amount of confidence allows strangers and potential customers to see that you stand by your word and what you do. For example, if you were speaking with the pilot of your flight before takeoff and he wasn’t confident he could get you to your destination safely, would you want to be on that plane? Didn’t think so… Confidence is key.

Passion & Motivation
For these factors I will keep it very straightforward.. If you don’t have the passion for the love of being your own boss, go find yourself a 9-5 corporate job. Because, everyone will see that you’re striving towards one thing, your earnings. If making money doing something you don’t love to do wakes you up every morning and knowing it’ll be a great day, be my guest. Just understand that having that mentality will restrict you in the opportunities given to you.

One of the most challenging factors I am faced with everyday includes what I love to do, which is creating new products and perfecting past inventions. Since leather hides are unique and include imperfections, leatherworkers have to tread lightly because the hide can be ruined at any time with one minor mishap. Keeping those key factors in mind allows the margin of error to be as minuscule as possible for any situation. I started this leather venture at such a young age just so I can go ahead and compile the years of experience under my belt. Everyone makes mistakes, some mistakes are much more costly than others… Keeping these traits in mind will open up more doors of opportunities. In my opinion, it is better to learn from other’s mistakes rather than making them yourself. Before you spend your time and money towards one factor, learn from the mistakes I have made.

“You can’t rush perfection. It takes time to get to that qualification. Keys to perfection are experience, patience, creativity, knowledge, awareness, dedication, motivation, persuasion, and most importantly commitment to stick to it.

The first thing you need to understand about me is, I’m not going to sit here writing this as well as wasting your time reading if I knew it couldn’t be of any help. What I’ll be writing about typically isn’t the type of knowledge you find in a textbook, I have always been the type to learn from experience. So if you consider yourself more than just a “book smart,” learn from my mistakes so you keep on always going forward in the right direction. Also, if there is ever something I write that you would like for me to clarify or to just say you disagree with me, shoot me over an email at

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