the grand scheme of the “bigger picture”

Doing What You Love
Doing what you love means that you let your free-will be in control of your actions. It means that you enjoy not only your actions but also your message. You are the one determining what your actions are at that exact moment. Having this mentality makes you focus on what matters the most, your progression to success. Doing what you love helps you realize how minuscule your hardships truly are. It also takes focus away on how many hours per week you are spending on work and how money isn’t everything. By pursuing your initial passion whatever that may be, it will enlighten others that they can do the same without having someone holding their hand or breathing down their neck micromanaging every little step.

Loving What You Do
Loving what you do is a one way road of insatiable trust. The major difference most people get confused about these ways of living is that even though you may love what you’re doing, you are still forced to do it not by your free-will. You may love your day-to-day actions but don’t be surprised if one day you just get burned out by it all from the constant repetitiveness. This mentality lacks the grand scheme of the “bigger picture.”

The first thing you need to understand about me is, I’m not going to sit here writing this as well as wasting your time reading if I knew it couldn’t be of any help. What I’ll be writing about typically isn’t the type of knowledge you find in a textbook, I have always been the type to learn from experience. So if you consider yourself more than just a “book smart,” learn from my mistakes so you keep on always going forward in the right direction. Also, if there is ever something I write that you would like for me to clarify or to just say you disagree with me, shoot me over an email at

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