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Being The Outcast

You don’t fit in with the common group of people

One aspect about being an entrepreneur is, you have a hard time fitting in with society. Even though you may have a great product or service to offer to mankind, there is still that gut feeling that you just don’t fit in. Listen to that gut feeling, as harsh as it may sound, you don’t fit in with the common group of people. The reason entrepreneurs don’t fit in with crowds is because, we love to be different. This means that we act differently, think differently, and most importantly, share a very different and unique message.

Let me give you my most recent example of when an outside source wanted me to conform. I’m taking an entrepreneurship class this semester and to sum up what I’ve learned in one word, that word is nothing…. You cannot teach students how to turn into entrepreneurs. However, what you can teach these students is how to expose their inner traits of entrepreneurship and help them understand why they feel different in society. I have always had a very hard time applying myself when it came to school, I wish that wasn’t the case especially in an entrepreneurship course but to me, it’s just another credit. While everyone else is vividly writing down every word the professor says, there I am staring at a blank wall lost in my own thoughts.

In order for entrepreneurs to really shine in their spotlight, they need to understand just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to. We move to the own beat of our drum and take the path that’s less traveled, following the footsteps of others will only negate us in our actions and keep our thoughts more close-minded. Society can be a great resource to use only if it is used correctly from an entrepreneur standpoint… Learning how to use society as a tool can be very beneficial for a small fish in a big sea. I’m not going to write a step-by-step playbook on how to act within society, what I will share is what you should get out of society. Observing the market and learning more in-depth about your target demographic should always be a primary. Criticism should always be valued especially if it’s constructive. Finally, being apart of society gives entrepreneurs new influences whether it’s an uprising trend or even a need that has not be fulfilled yet, we all have something to offer to society and sitting in a classroom with our face in a book won’t teach us what our unique reason is.

Shine in your spotlight.

The first thing you need to understand about me is, I’m not going to sit here writing this as well as wasting your time reading if I knew it couldn’t be of any help. What I’ll be writing about typically isn’t the type of knowledge you find in a textbook, I have always been the type to learn from experience. So if you consider yourself more than just a “book smart,” learn from my mistakes so you keep on always going forward in the right direction. Also, if there is ever something I write that you would like for me to clarify or to just say you disagree with me, shoot me over an email

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