Just do it!

IMG_4018 blog 2Have an unshaken belief in yourself

After finishing high school in 2010 I went right to college at Baruch. I heard they had an International Business major and I had my mind set on that degree. I was living in the city, working part/full time as a waitress and attending school, I WAS LIVING THE LIFE!

On March 4th, 2012 I found out I was pregnant.

Initial reaction: HAPPY! (& I saw pink)

Secondary reaction: OMG WHAT THE HECK *%!$@ !!!!

I was excited to be bringing a little person into the world but uneasy in regards to what that would mean for my professional desires. I was fortunate enough to have a stay at home mom while growing up. So I promised myself that I would be as involved as a stay at home mom, as much as possible, while still fulfilling my professional desire. I feel that’s important for child development, mentally, emotionally and physically. I found myself feeling conflicted. I wanted to be there 24/7 for my baby but I also enjoyed school and knew I had to secure some sort of future in order to provide. So after my daughter was born, I returned to school. I was attending twice a week (still matriculated as a full time student) all while being a single mother. I had my work cut out for me. I strived to:
-Be accepted into Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business
-Be one of 50 students to be selected to pursue a BBA in International Business
-Obtain A’s for grades
-Be elected for a leadership role in a school club
-Land an internship
-Network to expand my professional network

-Nurturing my precious baby
-Staying up all night
-Exclusively breastfeed
-Providing a positive, learning, engaging home for my baby

Now that it’s been nearly three years, I am beyond proud of my accomplishments. I have achieved each goal I set forth for myself. When I share my stories, I’m always asked “how do you do it?” Well, I have an amazing support system! My parents, sisters and friends have stood by my side every step of the way. I stated my dreams clearly to all and what they could do in order to assist me in my endeavors. But above all, I had an unshaken belief in myself. Whenever all odds are against me and the road of least resistance is beaconing my name, I look inside myself. I listen to what my true intuition is. Even if it is absolutely absurd, nearly impossible or opposite of how I initially planned things out; I just listen to my intuition. I just do it. Moreover, I remember something my father told me. “Your a Cheek, and Cheek girls don’t give up!” Don’t give up on yourself. It’s honestly never too late to do anything. Be it, starting a business, learning a new language, or picking up and moving; just do it! No amount of money, societal affirmation, or convincing can get you to your destination.

Solely your intuition.

I am honored and excited to be sharing my opinions, stories and experiences with all of you. I suggest feedback, commentary and dialogue, as that’s the basis of entrepreneurship or as I put it, “the power of people.” Please feel free to reach me at xo