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Ever since I could remember, I’ve been stubborn. It’s always bothered me to:

1. Tick to society’s clock
2. Mold my thinking to fit with academia
3. Living my life to find “the one thing I want to be when I grow up”

Those are just to name a few. And there’s proof that you have fallen victim too. Your thinking stubborn- set in one’s ways; defiant, reluctant and refusal to change. But stubborn doesn’t have to finitely mean this denotative definition. To me, stubborn is reluctant. But reluctant to waiver to societal formation of what it means to be “successful.” I’m stubborn in a sense that I:

  1. Value autonomy of my time
  2. Enjoy replacing linear thinking with creativity time to time
  3. Being content with my bountiful aspirations to be a diversified entrepreneur

In my professional life and as an entrepreneur I don’t want to settle for a singular role. I want to be stubborn. I want to embody the roles of CEO, CFO, COO, VP, Marketer, Public Relations, etc., of my own business. I want to be vested in all business lines and hand craft my empire. Why would you want to settle for a singular role? (You may reply, because I have a knack, because I’m a specialist, because it’s what I do; all in regards to a chosen field).
Having exposure to all of these roles, first hand, means diversity. And being diverse is a sure fire way to success, to be relatable. And above all, there’s nothing more rewarding than doing all for you! While climbing the corporate latter is fine for some, there’s no residual benefit. And any entrepreneur simply couldn’t dispute the fact of the award that comes with building and leaving a legacy. Don’t settle, build your empire, be stubborn!

 (& Be a Rookie!)

I am honored and excited to be sharing my opinions, stories and experiences with all of you. I suggest feedback, commentary and dialogue, as that’s the basis of entrepreneurship or as I put it, “the power of people.” Please feel free to reach me at xo

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