Adil Fawzi

Meet Adil Fawzi, executive chef/owner/operator of 3 restaurants in NYC: Bistro61, La Frite NYC and Marché du Sud.

Rookie’s January 2015 pop-up event will take place at Marché du Sud, a gourmet casual French restaurant and local neighborhood favorite (with French Bistro offerings), French bakery & market, and wine bar all under one roof, plus a magical French garden. Rookie’s favorite thing about Marché du Sud is having all great French things for all people in one place!! In the morning you go in for a cup of coffee (delicious!) and a croissant. You can have an amazing French Pizza (try it!) for lunch or dinner. Pick up your favorite French groceries (Brie Cheese, yes, please) and have a glass of wine with your friends at the bar (or Champagne….). And are you looking for the cutest place to celebrate your birthday? The French garden is the best place to make a toast.
restaurantChef Adil Fawzi has always had a passion for fine food, especially French food, French wine and travel. His inspiration can be attributed to a broad range of culinary influences. Born in Casablanca, Adil’s interest was sparked in the kitchen with his mother as she cooked traditional Moroccan cuisine. As he got older, Adil would spend his summers in New York City. It was during his time spent working at his Uncle’s deli that Adil claims solidified his aspirations to enter the culinary world. At Marche du Sud, Chef Fawzi’s mission is to share his innate passion through food that is simple yet fresh, tasty and inventive and to create a unique ambiance, combined to stimulate the diner’s senses, transporting them to all that is Provence. Chef Adil’s food is Michelin rated!


What was your motivation to start up your own business?
My motivation to start my own Business is I believed in me and my talent as a chef and I always wanted to live the American Dream.


Which quote best describes you?
Always believe in yourself


Why do your guests love Marché du Sud?
My guests love Marché du Sud for its ambiance, market to table simple menu and the garden is biggest draw for cozy/private  event venue.


What’s your ambition for the next 5 years?
Retire :) , but always be active in the food & hospitality industry.


What’s the best advice you can give an aspiring entrepreneur?
Believe in your ideas and never lose track of your ambitions.