Do you want to be a Rookie? Join us in changing the world of entrepreneurship!
We offer learning experiences and anyone between 18 and 30 can apply for an internship, even if you’re not in college.

What are we looking for?
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you dislike the work hours of 9-5? Do you enjoy working at your convenience, but manage to finish the tasks? Do you have access to a computer? Are you street-smart? Do you have a dream and sky-high ambitions? Do you want to build a network? Do you like working in a team of rebellious individuals? Do you know it better than we do? Are you not afraid to speak up? Are you motivated to change the world? Are you able to commit yourself to us? Do you have a clear vision? Are you open minded? Are you willing to learn from others? Do you want to build a community with us?

Can you say yes to most of these questions? If yes, then we would love to work with you.

We are looking for Rookies between 18-30 years old who want to work independently 5-20 hours a week for a minimum of 8 weeks in one of the following fields below. We offer learning experiences, no cash, sorry….

Videographer / Photographer / Visual Editor: Show off the Rookie lifestyle
We are looking for Rookies who enjoy people’s entrepreneurial stories and love showing them to the world. We host monthly events featuring a Rookie of the Month. We promote this person through our website and Social Media channels. Additionally, we connect to other Rookies, our sponsors and like-minded entrepreneurs through our social media channels (SMC).


Marketing / Sales Associate: Sell our pitch
We are looking for Rookies who enjoy building and presenting the company brand. Branding and marketing are not just advertising, positive brand recognition means trust; marketing means connecting. Trust and connection drive sales.

Social Media Marketing Guru: Networking, connecting- savvy
LIKE. What is a company without a visual online presence? We are looking for Rookies who are all about valuable connections. We need Rookies like you to LIKE, SHARE, TWEET and RE-TWEET

Sponsorships / Grants Seeker: Building the empire of Rookies
We are looking for Rookies who are go- getters; brave individuals who can break barriers and reach prospective sponsors, professionally and tastefully.

Event planners: Party like a rock star
We are looking for Rookies who are detail oriented and those that are the life of the party, but the backstage life of the party. We mean the blood and vessel to pump our events.

Assistants: You drive us
We are looking for a team of individuals that share our entrepreneurial spirit. Unfortunately, humans only have two hands, we could use some extra.

Suggestion: Another position in mind?
This is what we stand for: out of the box thinkers, innovators, and creative individuals. If you have an amazing idea and would like to help us, tell us!

Please email us with a motivation why we should work with you!