Rookie Andrew

Connectivity through Creativity

Rookie Republic is continuously spotting Rookies that change the world. We love the way Andrew Tess is living and working from the heart with tremendous passion. That’s why we would like to honor him as Rookie of the Month January 2015!

Andrew Tess ROTH January

Who are you + what kind of a company do you have?
Hi! I’m Andrew Tess and I’ve been making art, writing songs, styling stuff for magazines and photographing the different people I meet. I guess I charm them every once in a while. Somebody recently told me I’m “like an enigma.” Maybe I could call my company Enigma.

What was your motivation to start up your own business?
I grew up watching films and sneaking into concerts. I loved Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and when I was nine I went to see Cher’s farewell tour. I remember watching Moonstruck a lot. I went to museums. The first time I saw an Andy Warhol print, I cried.

I truly think that the world’s creativity brainwashed me into believing that I have to contribute something unique to the world. That it would be unfair of me to just take in all this great stuff out there and not give anything back in return. I want to provide people with creativity that pushes them to their point of no return when they decide “Okay, I’ll follow the artist’s way.” or whatever “artist” means to them. I want to connect.

What were your first steps?
Reading, listening to music, watching television and film. Studying the greats. I love George Melies and J.D. Salinger and Joan Rivers. Studying – I loved learning about the Renaissance. I love the Golden Globes.

I used to mop floors and clean dirty dishes just to make some money for my work. Unpaid and paid internships. I also taught kids about performance art. I used to work in a candy shop as a kid. I got fired after two weeks though for eating all the candy. I think I was about fourteen.

My online presence – from Myspace to Instagram – has also allowed me to actualize my dreams into reality. I envisioned myself as a creative director for a period of time. Then a club kid. Then a stylist. Then a photographer. Then an artist. I’ve acted. I’ve filmed behind the scene documentaries and art house shorts. I’ve written songs. I’ve followed this yellow brick road and manifested it somehow. I shared it all online.

Why should people hire you or buy your product?
I don’t know! To be honest, I just invest so much passion into the work I create. I am discipline. I think I’m different. My work has something different to offer: I’m inspired by my heart.

Why do your clients love you?
I see the best in people and I respect people. I respect every person I meet.

What’s your ambition for the next 5 years?
Work on my craft and connect my creativity in ways which are limitless. I want to keep thinking out of this world.

What’s the best advice you can give a Rookie?
Don’t take no from anybody. Don’t succumb to peer pressure – just be yourself and channel your heart into what you love. A kiwi doesn’t sit in a fruit salad and think why are there more berries or melons. It just is. The kiwi is unique and it’s okay. I think of myself as a kiwi.

Who would you like to nominate as an awesome Rookie?
My friend Florence Nasar. She is an incredible dancer and performer. She breeds light and love and passion into everything that she does.